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Sheffield Theatre - Othello

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Title:Sheffield Theatre - Othello
Date Period:1800-1850

Othello, Moor of Venice (played by Mr Manly); end of the play 'Europe, Awake!', or an appeal to the [Sign] of the Times, by Mr Manly, as written for the Bespeak of the Sheffield Volunteers, Dec. 3, 1803.

The much admired comic Mock Bravura from the opera of the travellers in Switzerland by Mr Daniell.  A comic interlude in two parts called [-] Coblers [sic] Rib [and] the favourite opera Turnpike Gate.

Places in the boxes to be taken of Mr Woollen, Circulating Library, High Street; and tickets to be had of Mr P. Taylor, Pond Street, and of the printer.  To prevent imposition, no pit tickets but what have square borders [shall?] be admitted.  No admittance behind the scenes.

W. Todd, printer, Market Street, Sheffield.

Other actors listed Mr Woolhouse, Mr Daniell, Mr Baxter, Mr J. Smith, Miss Woodfall, Mr Wright, Mr Barlow, Mr Flint, Miss Taylor from the theatres Norwich and Stamford, Mrs Robertson.

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: MP 2029 L.