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Steam locomotive T R G at Brookhouse Colliery

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Steam locomotive T R G at Brookhouse Colliery
A. Rowles«

For more information about Birley East Colliery see: Winding Up a History of Birley East Colliery, A Rowles Ref: 622.33 SQ Reminiscences from John A Thickitt:

23 November 1966, a Saturday afternoon, saw me loafing beside the ex-Midland Railway line at Beighton. The reason was to see a railway enthusiast's special (in this context meaning an excursion) on its way towards Rotherham. During my wait I was surprised to see activity on a different line, about a quarter of a mile to the south of my position. An anonymous, shining-green tank-engine hauling open waggons was carefully negotiating a steep descent in the Rother Valley (see the white gate visible in s35507).

After a while the same engine stormed sure-footedly back with another rake of waggons, this time empty. The waggons all had the initials 'U.C.C.' (United Coke and chemicals) painted in white on their sides. A minute or so later I heard the engine suddenly shut-off, no doubt because at its summit the climb had eased into level ground. These out and back runs occurred several times during my sojourn here.

Mr Thickitt watched this activity for several hours from beside the main line railway/Chesterfield Road.

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