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VE Day Celebrations including Robert Greaves, June Greaves and James Shaw

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VE Day Celebrations including Robert Greaves, June Greaves and James Shaw

Information provided by June Limb nee Greaves: This photograph was taken by her father Robert Greaves in the garage of the Harrison family of Stovin Road as it was raining outside. Bob Greaves is the boy behind the child with the paper hat to the left of the adult in the centre, with his sister June Greaves next to him looking slightly to the side. Names provided by June are Brian Taylor, Tommy Padley, Jimmy Shaw, Lilian Padley, Margaret Thompson, Ronnie Stevens, Harold Honeycombe, Margaret Dunstone, Roy Taylor, June Greaves, Bob Greaves, Doreen Middleton, Ken Ashton, Ryals Bradwell, Margery Hodgets (Hodgesetts?), Jacky Smith. The names provided by Mr Shaw, the donor of the photograph, included: Robert Greaves; James Shaw; Tom Padley; Roy Taylor; Ron Eastwood; George Roy; Ronnie Stevens; Harold Honeycombe; Terry Abajam; Doreen Middleton; Joyce Smith; Jack Smith; Marjory Hodgesetts



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