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Alsop Fields laid out for buildings streets between Norfolk Street, Pond Street, Matilda Street, [1787 - 1793] and the river Porter

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Alsop Fields laid out for buildings streets between Norfolk Street, Pond Street, Matilda Street, [1787 - 1793] and the river Porter

Shows Duke Street, Eyre Street, Furnival Street, Arundel Street, and Pond Street, Charles Street, Howard Street, Surrey Street.

Also marked is a theatre (top right hand corner) on Arundel Street [? Theatre Royal]

Tenants / owners:

William Headley, Adam Ashton,  Malin Gillot, Joseph Brammall, John Exley, Joseph Hopkin, William Gould, Henry Bennet, Samuel Broomhead Ward, John Hoole, John Wainwright, John Cooper, Robert Bradwell, James Sharrow, Joseph Colley, John Linley, Joseph Swift, John Hutchinson, John Porter, John Cooper, Josh. Bell, Samuel Roberts, William Coldwell, Henry Froggat, Thomas Drake, John Eyre, Edmund Greaves, Jn. Younge and Co., Enoch Drabble, Joseph Unwin, Robert Unwin, Amos Green, Thomas Warburton, Samuel Kaye, - Marshall, F. Walker, Sarah Dickenson, Thomas Cantrell, S. B. Ward, Henry Tomes / Fomes, Benjamin Raworth, Joseph Holdsworth, Matthew Turton, Robert Colyer, Jonathan Helliwell, James Linley, Joseph Clark, John Staniforth, James Camm, Richard Kent, William Birks, Alexander Sharp, Benjamin Woolhouse, Joshua Granger, Frances Bennett, John Olerenshaw, William green, Robert Sporle?, Enoch Dickinson, William Stocks, John Middleton, John Sturges, George Battie, Robert Kay, William Wilkinson, Thomas Fanshawe, John Stevenson, Phoebe Booker, Josh. Hancock, James Dixson, John Law, William Long, Sarah Downes, Gilbert Cateter?, Thomas Allen, John Wheatcroft, Abraham Best, Jane Green and sons, George Green, Josh, Green, Samuel Green, Matthew Sayles, Paul Oates, Richard Jessop junior, Ebenezer Hancock, Richard Jessop, James Butcher, George Dalton, George Pearson, John Loxley, Joseph Hutchinson, Ralph Motram?, Joshua Granger, Thomas Babb, John Dewsnap, T. Sambourne, Rebecca Creswick, Elizabeth Smilter, Benjamin Blonk, John Wreaks, Peter Cadman, John Porter, George Blagden, H. Tudor and Co., John Abdy, Sarah Greaves, John Greaves, Samuel Roberts junior, Samuel Wilson, Thomas Leader, John Goodall, John Lenthall, Joseph Matthewman, William Harwood, Thomas Williamson, Benjamin Stones, John Burdit / Burdett, Sarah Matthews, James Crawshaw, Thomas Bradbury, Thomas Ward, Thomas Bradwell, W. Wilder, Jos. Cartwright, John Rimington, George Greaves, George Woodhead, William Birks … for the proprietors of this theatre, Robert Clarke, John Anderton, Thomas White?, John Rodgers?, Jonathan Clark, Samuel Merrill, James Mappin, William Taylor, James Woollen, William Martin, Williams and Swan, John Hemingway, Thomas Rawson and Co., John Lea..?, William Hall, Richard Kent, Richard Wright, Isaac Unwin, and Jonathan Parker.

Dimensions approx. 134 x 44 cm

Original at Sheffield City Archives: FC/P/SheS/745L.

Digitised with financial support from Sheffield and District Family History Society in memory of Professor David Hey (1938-2016) founder and life president of the Society.

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