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1Mrs Bridgland, Lady Mayoress, 1951-1952v04858

Mrs Bridgland, Lady Mayoress, 1951-1952

2Alderman Dr John Henry Bingham, Lord Mayor, 1954-1955v04859

Alderman Dr John Henry Bingham, Lord Mayor, 1954-1955

3Mrs Bingham, Lady Mayoress, 1954-55v04860

Mrs Bingham, Lady Mayoress, 1954-55

4Alderman Peter Buchanan, Lord Mayor, 1952-1953v04861

Alderman Peter Buchanan, Lord Mayor, 1952-1953

5Mrs Buchanan, Lady Mayoress, 1952-1953v04862

Mrs Buchanan, Lady Mayoress, 1952-1953

6Alderman Oliver Spencer Holmes, Lord Mayor, 1953-1954v04863

Alderman Oliver Spencer Holmes, Lord Mayor, 1953-1954

7Mrs Holmes, Lady Mayoress, 1953-1954v04864

Mrs Holmes, Lady Mayoress, 1953-1954

8Mrs Curtis, Lady Mayoress, 1955-1956v04865

Mrs Curtis, Lady Mayoress, 1955-1956

9Mrs Neill, Lady Mayoress, 1956-1957v04866

Mrs Neill, Lady Mayoress, 1956-1957

10Alderman Robert Neill, Lord Mayor, 1956-1957v04867

Alderman Robert Neill, Lord Mayor, 1956-1957

Found 784 records.

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