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Bust of James Montgomery (1771 - 1854)

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Title:Bust of James Montgomery (1771 - 1854)
Date Period:1851-1899

Caption: At the last annual meeting of the Sheffield General Infirmary, a Marble Bust of James Montgomery, the Christian poet, was presented to the Institution by William Overend, esq., Deputy Lieutenant of the West Riding of Yorkshire, acting on behalf of the subscribers, who have thus placed a very suitable memorial of their revered townsman in the board-room of the Hospital, where, for many years, he had discharged the duties of Chairman of the Governors with perfect satisfaction to all concerned. . William Ellis was entrusted with the execution of the bust, and has been successful in giving a faithful representationof the poet as he appeared a short time before his death.

We understand Mr. Ellis was originally a pupil in the Government School of Design at Sheffield, and the bust represented in our engraving, does him great credit, in being both a good likeness and a highly-finished work of art.

From the Illustrated Times, 2 Feb 1856 p. 76 (original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: MP 2090 L)