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Byelaws made pursuant to the Sheffield Market Act, 1847

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Title:Byelaws made pursuant to the Sheffield Market Act, 1847
Date Period:1800-1850

Refers to:

The Market Hall (butcherís meat, fish, game, poultry, rabbits, butter and eggs every day);

The Norfolk Market Hall (all kinds of provisions for the food of man (except butcherís meat, fresh or uncured fish, game, poultry and rabbits; also for gardenerís plants, flowers, roots and seeds, and for manufactured articles every day);

Castlefolds Market (wholesale articles as may be retailed in the Market Hall every day);

The Corn Exchange and Market (corn and other grain every Tuesday);

The Hay Market (hay, straw, fodder, pulse, potatoes, and other roots every Tuesday and Saturday);

Smithfield Market (horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and calves on Tuesdays);

Also the Fairs, held twice a year - the summer fair on Tuesday and Wednesday next Whit Monday; and the Winter Fair on the last Tuesday and Wednesday in November.

Printed by Leader, Sheffield.

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Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: MP 140 VL.