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Brown Bayleys Steel Works Ltd., Foundry Workers

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Ref No:y03987
Title:Brown Bayleys Steel Works Ltd., Foundry Workers
Date Period:1851-1899
Photographer:G Launders

Back row (left to right) Horace Harbron (Pattern Maker), Dick Butler (Labourer), Bill Jackson (Cupola Tenter);

Second row: Jack Crookes (Fettler), Albert Russon (Moulder), Billy Gad (Moulder), Frank Rodgers (Moulder), Jack Windle (Moulder), Teddy Potter (Cupola-Tenters' Mate), Elijah Short (Moulder).

Third row: Mr Alfred Brecknell (Manager), Joe Downing (Fettler, kneeling on one knee), Arthur Clarkson (Labourer, in shirt sleeves), behind Clarkson Joe Stead (Moulder), last on row - shirt sleeves rolled down, Jimmy Croxford (Lad).

In front, arm on toothed wheel patter: Harry Phillipson (Lad)

Image from 'Reminiscences: B.B.S.W. and its surroundings' by George Launders, 1937 (Local Studies ref. 942.74 SSTQ)