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Firvale Creamery, 513 Barnsley Road

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Ref No:u07472
Title:Firvale Creamery, 513 Barnsley Road
Date Period:1940-1959

This photograph was donated by Sheffield City Art Galleries, and was initially loaned to them by George Latham as part of an exhibition. The writing with the photograph refers to the fact that the shop had a good trade as a result of its proximity to the Workhouse/Hospital  and the nearby Sunbeam Cinema. Tramps used to leave their few possessions at the shop before going to the Workhouse so that they wouldn't be confiscated by the staff there. They would redeem them the next day before carrying on with their journey. There were 100 jars of sweets displayed in mobile stands, and vending machines, jars of sweets and Walls Ice Cream in front of the shop. Mr Latham was known by the children as 'Mester Creamery Man'.