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Artist's Impression of Sheffield Castle around 1100

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Ref No:s05126
Title:Artist's Impression of Sheffield Castle around 1100
Date Period:1500-1799
Photographer:Martin Davenport (Artist)
Copyright:Sheffield Newspapers Ltd

Reconstruction of Sheffield Castle in the 12th century, by Martin Davenport. Original sketch done in 1950 for Sheffield Telegraph, photographed in 1964. See Sheffield Telegraph 10 Jan 1950. The Castle was razed to it's foundations by Cromwell's Long Parliament and rediscovered in 1927 when the B & C excavated for new premises in Exchange Street. Plans were altered to allow the preservation of the moat etc. (In co-operation with the Hunter Archaeological Society) The premises were blitzed 12th December 1940. All outward remains of the Castle were finally erased by Sheffield Corporation in the erection of the "Castle Market" but sections of the foundations may still be seen on application to the Markets Superintendent.

For more information about Sheffield Castle see, "The Story of Sheffield Castle", David Saville Local Studies Reference 728.81 S and "A History of Sheffield Castle and Markets" Sheffield City Council, Local Studies Reference 728.81 SQ

For an account of the seige and destruction of the Castle during the Civil War  see " A Journall, or a true and exact relation of each dayes passage of that party of the Rt. Hon. The Earle of Manchesters Army", Local Studies Reference 942.74 S

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