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HenryThickett (1875 - 1920), Sheffield United Football Club (1893 - 1904)

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Ref No:p01023
Title:HenryThickett (1875 - 1920), Sheffield United Football Club (1893 - 1904)
Date Period:1900-1919
Photographer:W.C.S. and Co.Ltd., Herriot Series

Postcard reads:

He plays right back, and is supposed to be the fastest back in the English League. He is very heavy , scaling just a trifle under 12 stone. His first cap was against Scotland in 1899, though he had played againist Wales the same season.

This image was originally part of the Tim Hale Photographic Collection. It was purchased at auction in September 2019 through donations from members of the public and a grant from the Graves Trust.