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A map of Duckter Wood near Oughtibridge

Map Print
Ref No:arc02624
Title:A map of Duckter Wood near Oughtibridge
Date Period:1500-1799

Scale 8 perches : 1 inch [40 inches : 1 mile].

Surveyor: William Fairbank I.

Includes a small perspective sketch of the Clay (Hawkesley) Wheel and goight; spring marked; acreage; outline and trees coloured. Shows River Don and Beeley Wood.

E, p. 3.

Dimensions: 27 x 21 cm

Original at Sheffield City Archives: ACM/MAPS/Ecc/201S.

Digitised with financial support from Sheffield and District Family History Society in memory of Professor David Hey (1938-2016) founder and life president of the Society.