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List of armour in Sheffield castle

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List of armour in Sheffield castle

Full title A note takenn of all my L. Armorre by Mr Whyat wch came from Yor Lp from Aurtoun Lang-feld when Yor Lp Lyed their the xvi th of November 1586 as followethe.


Imprimis a horsse man pece for my L. and a Case of pystoles gylded and Dammaske wth flaske and furnituer for the same, i

Item xxxi Duche pystoles andamp; horseman peeces together, xxxi

Item Inglishe pystoles, xlii and Casses for all pystoles as well the duche as the Inglishe.

Item xiiii flaskes xiiii.

Item xxiiii musketes ... ... ... ... ... ... xxiiii.

Item of Callyvers ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ix.xxix.

Item Complet armorre for my Lo. gilded and another blackgilded for my Lo. boothe for hors and foote ... ... ii.

Item viii Curetts of prove... ... ... ... ... ... viii.

Item Ixvi Corslets for footte menn ... ... ... ... Ixvi.

Item armores for horse men ... ... ... ... ... xlii.Item almann Revett, iii.xx.ix

Item morryans ... ... ... ... ... ... ... viii.xxix.

Item Scules and head peecis ... ... ... ... ...

Item pickes and heads, xi.xx.iiii

Item a target and a fawchen ... ... ... ... ... ii.

Item ii Ladles and ii spudles for gret ordinans ... ... ... iiii.

Item xx flaskes and xx Tuch boxes for muskets

Item flaskes andamp; tuche boxes for collyvers... ... ... ... Ixii.

Item xxi wch are w[i]thout tuche boxes ... ... ... ... xxi.Item partysantes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxxvi.Item alberts... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xxxiii.

Item blacke billes ... ... ... ... ... ... ... xl.Item Jacks and plat coattes ... ... ... ... ... c.

Item harqqabushes of Crocke of Iron xxii andamp; iiii of bras Armorre wch came from Mr. Berkwthes wch was dd to cella(r) fyrst on corslet for a hors man down to the knee wth spoldrens tacis vambracis wth gorget andamp; head pece ... ... ... i.

Item on other black Armore wth tacis vambracis and gorgetand poldrens, i

Item one whyte armorre wth tacis gorget vambracis andamp; poldrens... i.

Item other alman ryvet w[i]th a head peec for a hors man andamp; apear of splents ... ... ... ... ... ... i.Item on p......... iii platted Jackes ... ... ... ... i.

Endorsed: to pay at the deathe of ye sayd Wm Maude or at the exchange of eny Tennant of ye premises his or their beste beast or goods for a herryett.

The Oxford Dictionary etc give the following:

Alberts, halberds - a kind of combination of spear and battle-axe, consisting of a sharp-edged blade ending in a point and a spear head, mounted on a handle five to seven feet long;

Almann revett, almain rivets - a kind of light armour first used in Germany, in which great flexibility was obtained by overlapping plates sliding on rivets;

Black-bills - a weapon of war used by infantry, varying in shape from a simple concave blade with a long wooden handle to a kind of concave axe with a spike at the back and its shaft terminating in a spear head;

Callyver, caliver - a light kind of musket or arquebus, introduced in xvith century (it seems to have been the lightest portable fire arm except the pistol and to have been fired without a rest );

Cuirass of proof - piece of armour consisting of breast and back plate made of tested metal;

Curetts - obsolete form of cuirass;

Dammaske - probably for damascened, inlaid with ornamental designs in gold and silver;

Fawchen, falchion - a broadsword with curved edge;

Gorget - a piece of armour for the throat;

Harqqebushe of crocks - an early type of portable gun, which on account of its weight was supported on a tripod, trestle or forked rest. Those with a rest were sometimes called arquebuse a croc, or harquebus of crocke; the croc or crocke seems to have been a hook or crook, by which the arquebus was fixed to its rest or support when fired;

Jacks - a kind of sleeveless coat or tunic worn by foot-soldiers, usually of leather quilted, and in later times often plated with iron; sometimes applied to a coat of mail;

Ladles - an instrument for charging with loose powder, formed of a cylindrical sheet of copper tube fitted to the end of a long staff.

Morryan, morion - a kind of helmet, without beaver or visor, worn by soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries;

Partysantes - a military weapon used by soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries, consisting of a long-handled spear, the blade having one or more lateral projections variously shaped, so as sometimes to pass into the gisarme and the halberd;

Pece, piece - a portable fire arm, carbine;

Pickes - pikes;

Plat-coattes - coats of plate-armour;Poldrens, pouldrens - shoulder plates;

Scules, skulls - skull-caps of metal;

Smyth - Sailors' word-book, 1867;

Splents, splints - overlapping pieces of steel in armour often used for the knee and elbow to give flexibility.

Spudles, spuddles - little spuds or spades used for charging (?);

Tacis, tasses - a series of plates depending from the corslet, each overlapping the other, forming a. sort of kilt of armour to protect the thighs and lower parts of the trunk;

Target - a light round shield;

Tuchboxes, touchboxes - a box for touch-powder or priming-powder for the flint-pan of a musket;

Vambracis, vambrace - a piece of armour protecting the forearm from the elbow to the wrist;

White armour - armour of burnished steel (?);

Original in the Jackson Collection at Sheffield City Archives (ref JC14/19 (alternative reference number: JC/919).

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