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Map of Sheffield's green spaces - Sheffield Greenground

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Map of Sheffield's green spaces - Sheffield Greenground
@HelenIlus / HI Design 2021
@HelenIlus / HI Design 2021

From the Outdoor City website (

Did you know a whopping 61% of Sheffield is green space? We're still yet to find another city in the world with a higher percentage than this ...

Sheffield actually has more than 800 managed green spaces across 4,000 hectares within the city boundary. With so much on offer, we wanted to create something to help demonstrate how accessible greenspaces are in The Outdoor City and so we've commissioned a 'Greenground Map'.

Fitting all Sheffield's green spaces onto a map would get a bit too busy visually, so we've chosen to highlight 356 of these, to help show you how they can all be connected, wherever you happen to be in the city.

The Outdoor City would like to thank Move More, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Property Association and Sheffield Hallam University for their kind donations in helping make this project come to fruition – and of course Helen Ilus for coming up with such a great concept and working with us to produce this.


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