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A plan of William Longden's building lot in the Nursery, [1798]
A plan of tenements and grounds at Spital Hill proposed to be taken for a term of 99 years by John Andrews [on Tom Cross Lane (modern Brunswick Road) at the top of Stanley Lane], [1795]
A plan of two parts of Spooner Croft held by Wm. Marsden and Joseph Yeadon
A map of the proposed subdivisions of the Meadow late Thomas Watson's
The new subdivisions of the Meadow lately held by Thomas Watson and of several other closes near Walk Mill
A map of some Land at the Bridgehouses near Sheffield, belonging to His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, in the Poss[ession] of Walter Oborne Esquire
A Plan of a parcel of ground at Bridgehouses proposed to be demised by the Duke of Norfolk to George Burgan
A plan of several tenements at Bridgehouses held of the Duke of Norfolk, [1790s]
A plan of the tenements at Bridgehouses held by Sarah Machan and Mary Machan severally showing the Ground which may be taken into the front and a proposed new division betwixt them
A plan of Wm. [William] Woodcock's tenement at Bridgehouses
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