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Plan of a tenement of ground with a tenement demised to Michael Swallow by the Earl of Surrey
Plan of the ground and tenements about the junction of Spring Croft, Bower Spring Lane and the road from the Silk Mill
Plan of property occupied by Samuel Hirst between Spring Croft and Love Lane (Back Lane), [c. 1780- 1788]
Henry Crowshaw's tenements in Spring Croft
Properties occupied by Thomas Robinson and J. Gray, on the corner of Spring Croft and the road to Bridgehouses (Colson Street)
Grounds in [Spri]ng Croft [Sprong Croft] taken by John Genn from Joseph Trippett and Denis Belk's heirs
Plan of the tenement and ground demised by the Duke of Norfolk to George Wood
Plan of the tenements demised by the Duke of Norfolk to William Boden and John Brookfield
Plan of the tenements in Colson Crofts held of the Duke of Norfolk by Samuel Norris and Joseph Wildsmith
Plan of Joseph Wildsmith's building lot in Colson Crofts
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