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Chapel Furnace and surrounding fields [Chapeltown], c. 1750 - 1768
Chapel Furnace and surrounding fields [Chapeltown], c. 1750
A plan of two closes near Chapel Town [Chapeltown] Furnace, held under the Duke of Norfolk by Thos. Parkin ...
A plan of three small parcels of land near Chapel Town [Chapeltown] exchanged by the Duke of Norfolk and Saintforth Wroe [one in the Lownd Closes [Lound] and the other near the Chapel Furnace], [1769]
Plan of fields north east of Chapeltown
A map of the Lownd Closes [Lound] near Chapel Town [Chapeltown] belonging to Saintforth Wroe, [1769] - 1783
A plan of Samuel Smith's Cottage at Chapeltown and of the adjacent Freehold parts of his tenement there in which the cottage part is coloured green ..., [18th cent]
A map of of an allotment of common land and certain cottages at Wincobank belonging to the Duke of Norfolk
Map of sundry parcels of the Duke of Norfolk's land at Handsworth lately part of Jos. Bell's Farm but now let to Joseph Smith and Ann Clay severally
Map of part of Ann Clay's Garden at Handsworth and of a Parcel of the Duke of Norfolk's land adjoining
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