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View: arc02624 A map of Duckter Wood near Oughtibridge

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View: arc02623 A plan of the part of Wards End Farm [Wardsend Farm] proposed to be taken for a prolonged term of the Duke of Norfolk by Thomas Rawson

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View: arc02622 A map of the house and appurtenances at Wards End [Wardsend] proposed to be taken on lease for 99 years by Thos. Rawson �

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View: arc02657 Sketch of the fields (no house and gardens) shown on ACM/MAPS/SheD/728 belonging to The Farm as let to various tenants, 18th cent

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View: arc03194 A plan of two building lots in Trippet Lane

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View: arc03332 A Plan of two building lots at the bottom of Park Hill

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View: arc02654 Tenement and ground in Sheffield Park proposed to be taken on a Building Lease by James Mellor

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View: arc02655 Tenement and ground in Sheffield Park demised for [-] years [to] Jnan. Bamford, c. 1795-1801

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