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William Henry Ellis, (1860 -     ) Master Cutler

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Title:William Henry Ellis, (1860 - ) Master Cutler
Date Period:1900-1919

Born in Sheffield in 1860 the son of J. D. Ellis.  Educated at Uppingham. Former chair of John Brown and Co. Ltd. Studied engineering at Messrs’ Tannett Walker and Co, Leeds 1878 - 1887. He returned to Sheffield in 1887 in connection with the introduction of hydraulic plant for the manufacture of steel forgings at John Brown’s. Appointed assistant to the managing directors in 1903. Associate Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1888, full member from 1904. Also in 1904 President of the Sheffield Society of Engineers and Metallurgists. Past president of the Literary and Philosophical Society.

Image from Sheffield Year Book and Record, 1915 (Local Studies ref. 032.74 S).