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Plan of fields north east of Chapeltown

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Ref No:arc02631
Title:Plan of fields north east of Chapeltown
Date Period:1500-1799

Rough sketches of map 11 in ACM/MAPS/S92 [Volume of maps of the Estates belonging to the Duke of Norfolk and most, of the intermediate Lands of other proprietors in the Manor and Township of Ecclesfield and the Soakes or Districts of Southey and Grennofirth].

Fields, including the Chapel Furnace, to the west of the Blackburn Brook at Chapeltown; acreages and field names given; probably intended for, or removed from a survey book.

[M.B. 164, p. 7 - survey of 1785-1786].

[E, p. 13]

Dimensions: 36 x 23.5 cm

Original at Sheffield City Archives: ACM/MAPS/Ecc/222S.

Digitised with financial support from Sheffield and District Family History Society in memory of Professor David Hey (1938-2016) founder and life president of the Society.