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Wightman family in open-top horse-drawn omnibus/carriage

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Ref No:arc02534
Title:Wightman family in open-top horse-drawn omnibus/carriage
Date Period:1851-1899

Arthur Wightman (1842 - 1924) is sat at the back of the carriage on the far right-hand-side of the picture. Arthur's wife Edith Wightman (1850 - 1943) is thought to be the lady at the front of the picture sat on the knee of a young gentleman, possibly Benjamin Arthur Wightman (1873 - 1937), her eldest son. The figure with a moustache and light coloured cap, perched on the front of the carriage, is possibly Henry Temple Wightman (1866 - 1920), Arthur's youngest brother.

Original at Sheffield City Archives: X814/1/7/1.