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Journalist's telegram regarding the Great Sheffield Flood (page 2 of 3)

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Title:Journalist's telegram regarding the Great Sheffield Flood (page 2 of 3)
Date Period:1800-1850

By Telegraph.


(...) the flood is seen in its most fearful from at the Ladies Bridge - Nursery Street is like a part of the river and as the water rushes down there it is joined by a greater torrent which finds its way out into Mr White's slate yard and then the combined forces tear down the wicker and block streets in a cataract. It does not stop in Sheffield. Now it has reached Rotherham, and the low lying districts there must suffer immensely - the flood has been caused by the bursting of the embankment of the great reservoir which has been some years in construction - the area of the Dam was 9.5 acres and it is said to have been filled yesterday. Access to the country beyond the new barracks is cut off by the destruction of the bridges at Malins and at Hailsboro [sic].

Information was conveyed across the river that great loss of life had occurred in the village of Hailsboro [sic].

The enormous mass of water burst down the hill sides with a roar like the heaviest thunder and its roar was the death knell.

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Original at Sheffield City Archives: MD1878/2.